Friday, August 22, 2008

Sit back and enjoy

Today I decided I was actually going to use a vacation day, well for vacation. The weather looked great, low to mid 80's, sunny. What else can you ask for?

Lately all of my vacation time went to dr's visits and X-rays. So I took a real decisive move and chose to take a day off "just because".

So far I have done very well at it. I woke up at 10am! OK with a few little breaks from sleep that started at around 6AM, but none the less I did manage to mostly sleep between 6 and 10. Thats a record for me.

It is very new to me to get up and have nothing that I absolutely have to do. SInce I cannot train much I cant do that either. I mean I have some workouts I can do but they are 30 minutes, in my Ironman world where most workouts take at least 90 minutes and a pint of blood, that doesn't count as a workout. 30 minutes at a very slow pace is just goofing off.

So taking a day like this is pretty refreshing, I really needed it, there is allot going on at work, and in my life in general, so I kind of felt I needed to take a day to veg. I personally think that most people do not take enough time like this. I know I do not. My friend Erin recently wrote about the benefits of living a while with out her laptop or an internet connection, in her life unplugged post. It seems far too radical for me, but I can definitely see what she is talking about. How often do we take time to just enjoy doing nothing? I know that I do not do it enough. If I have a spare moment I just try to fill it up with something. I literally have 3 or 4 major projects sitting on the back burner for those days I get restless. Thats not counting my active ones (this does not count home maintenance because that is a given).

In about a month or so I will be given the greenlight to begin training more rigorously. To include swimming, regular cycling, and running. Although I do look forward to that day, especially for the cycling. I do realize that I have been missing something in my life a bit, I have been missing the sitting back and enjoy it aspects. I need to make it a point to arrange days like this a little more in the future.

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