Sunday, August 10, 2008

An evening at the Animal ER

So I am up blogging because I am awake. Too pumped up due to this evenings activities which I will spell out shortly.

In just an hour I have to go and pick up Guru to take her to the Park City Mossman Oly in Connecticut. This is her first season doing Tri's and I have been coaching her since May. This is Probably her last tri of teh season. She has been her A race. So I was planning on going to bed around 10:30 so I could get up at 4AM, to go pick her Up at Adams house in Scarsdale.

Then Life happened. The timeline below is an estimation. I only know for sure the time we initially left for the ER, because we looked the time to determine if it would still be open, before we remembered it was a 24 hour place. and the time we got there because I know I had blown speed records ( I of course had to log the speed and pace info ;)

9:00 in late from Home Depot played with Dogs out back. We feed them. Nothing unusual

10:00 Simba acting odd in that she is sleeping instead of annoying us with a tennis ball. This is worrisome. Check her out she has a small bump on her mouth, like a mosquito bite. Nothing else.

10:15 My wife calls out that something is really wrong with Simba! I walk over casually (while sounding alarmed) because unfortunately My wife is very picky about the dogs and considers svere fur tangles as emergencies. However, when I get to the living room, Simba's eyes were bloodshot, puffy and nearly closed shut.

SO we decide we better get to the ER because we have never seen this and it could end up affecting her breathing. I Try to stay cool and collected , but frankly this is freaking me out at how fast this is happening. I Forget my broken Collarbone, I picked that dog up and threw her into the back of the car. We are in shorts and ragged T-shirts, and fucken flip flops that really do "Flip and Flop" when you try and go fast. NOTE: Not recommended to use flip flops for racing or escaping murderers and any other such emergency

10:20 Her right eye is swollen Shut and she cannot seem to open it.

10:30 after racing at 80-90 MPH on Rte 684 we get to the ER in record time, with my Wife giving me a play-by-play "Simba is foaming!" , "She passed out!!!.... No wait she is awake!", along with a large volume of "Get out of the way you Fuckers!!!, MOVE IT!!" Retno( Wife) suffers from passenger road rage at times of duress. OK I was yelling "YOU SHIT-HEAD!!" a few times as well.

Once we entered the ER they took her right in and injected liquid benadryl and a fast acting steroid directly into her bloodstream, to counteract her allergic reaction. An hour later she comes hopping out of the treatment room all peppy except that she looks like she just went 10 rounds with the heavyweight champ.

12AM we get home and she runs off to the back and comes back with a tennis ball.

All is well


PJ said...

Holy crap that sounds scary. Any idea what caused the reaction? Glad Simba is okay!

Javier said...

The doc figures it was an insect bit but no idea what. Comforting..not