Sunday, August 24, 2008

Going Long

Reading "Going long" by Joe Friel and Gordon Byrn. I figured I would get some more pointers that I could use to improve my Ironman training. I have to say, the book is chock full of training information. I am just through the Training Overview section, where the book described training periodization, HR, Power and RPE training etc. If you are looking for an easy to read "How to" book, this is not it.

Not a book I would recommend for a beginner. You really have to be interested in the subject matter, and training specific information. However, if you are an experienced athlete, past your initial triathlons and are now looking to expand your knowledge, this is an awesome source of information. So far alot seems to be similar info as what is found in The Triathlete's Training Bible (2nd Edition) only that it is geared towards athletes who are focusing on training for a half or full ironman race.

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