Sunday, August 24, 2008

Life Simplified

Well, all of this time sitting on the sidelines has given me an opportunity to see my life from a third person perspective. Its scary!

My god I was involved in so many things that I realized I could not focus on anything really well, but since I was in the middle of it I did not realize it because I was on auto pilot going from one event to the next. Here is a summary of my ADD like haze:

-IM Training, need I say more?
-Race with Purpose, I am a beginners tri coach there post daily, then plotting future training sessions etc
-Starting businesses, multiple... thinking up strategies for each
-Home remodeling projects- specifically making the tri-cave a reality
-Busy surfing the net for deals on Tri stuff I want
-Training SImba to be the next Great American Dog ( never applied but who cares?)
-The internet in general takes up at least 2 hours of my day
-JOB, The biggest distraction of all. Wish I could get rid of the need to work lol
-Then the latest and greatest distraction from life, TWITTER. Nothing better for an ADD type personality. Imagine being able to stop whatever you are doing and send a message to all of your friends that you are about to go to the bathroom! Better yet, they expect this! You are guaranteed to NEVER be fully focussed on anything ever again!

This is Just a few, there are many more. But notice what is NOT on that list. Being home and enjoy my family.

I have a great wife and I do enjoy my home. She has not said anything to me but I know she would like me to maybe give my home a little more focus. I agree. Its not enough to come home to sleep. My wife is too good to just focus on her when there is an emergency.

I am a multi-tasker by nature, so I will always have several things in the air, but I need to modify the focus of those things a little. Keep things simple, and enjoy life. Did you know I have a HUGE deck with some lovely untouched woods out back. This weekend was the first time we went to get some outdoor furniture and actually enjoyed our deck. ( LOVE my new contained firepit!)

AT first sight my accident really was a bad thing, but there was a very good side benefit, I was forced to see my life from a different perspective. Like forced to be home lol

Now I better go and twitter everyone about what a waste of time Twitter is ;)

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