Friday, July 18, 2008

Requirements of being Ill or injured

Well its a funny thing. It seems there is a requirement of how you are supposed to act when you are Ill, or injured. Just On Wednesday my two sisters in Law came up to see me, they came with food and drinks and soup. It seems they expected me to be in bed moaning and needing care. So despite the fact that I am driving around and doing stuff my wife told me to stay home so she would pick them up. Which is NOT how we do things, I am always the one to pick people up. Its just how it works out for us. So Ok they arrive and were a bit unsure of what to do for me since I was up and about throwing the ball to Simba and such ( left handed of course). They kind of expected me to be in bed. It seems they were coming up to do the required hospital type of visit, to show me support and such. But they did not know what to do because I was not in bed suffering. I told them I was in pain but I was still functional. I just couldn't use my right arm.

So the whole day, went by and we had a good time. They helped me when they could.

I actually do appreciate the attention and I realize I am lucky to have a family willing to do this. But the caring and catering makes me uncomfortable at times. In this case I do know its ME.

I suppose I act different than most. I chalk it up to endurance training. I know of others also that have a hard time sitting still when injured. Usually ruining the healing process while at it. But none the less we do it. I think it has to do with the fact we are endurance athletes. By the mere name we "endure" and move on.

All endurance athletes are accustomed to suffering through pain. We do it every time we train. Of course its not the same shooting pain I get when I move my right arm, but it is pain and suffering none the less. So perhaps this is why I simply do not become a helpless individual when injured. I am most likely a lousy patient in this regard.

To be sure there are things I need help with, like taking off my T-shirts because I cannot lift my right arm, or in putting antibiotic cremes and such because There are spots I cannot reach.
But all in all I am fairly active, and aching to go out for a run.

Yesterday I went into work and everyone was shocked to see me, they pulled out my chair for me, etc. They assumed I would be out for at least a week. This despite the fact that I can still walk fine and use my left hand and Arm. I mean after all folks its an office job.

But it seems that socially there is a role that we all are supposed to play when injured or when someone is injured. For the folks at work I made a point to ask my coworker if they could get me coffee since I cannot hold the mug and mix the creamer. They felt better being able to jump up and help me out.

I guess I just don't fit the standard Injured person. There are expectations I have to meet. I wanted to go this weekend to go volunteer at the NYC tri, since I cant run it I may as well help out. But I don't know how this will work out. In truth I probably am pushing it and could end up making things worse. So I probably will not do this.

I really do feel honored and lucky to be part of such a great family. I realize this is the function of a good family, and they are truly doing their best to show this support to me. So I truly do appreciate it. There are many people who are not so fortunate.

So on Saturday, I have to put on a night shirt or something and stay in bed until the family leaves, maybe I'll practice a limp :)

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Pam said...

yikes,i have not been keeping up with my blog-reading. This is a big time bummer but you are so POSITIVE! that's awesome. I was so excited to meet you in person at IM Moo but oh well. And while you are sick/injured... MILK IT I say. IMLP rocks, you are going to love that course. I so admire your positive attitude.