Sunday, July 27, 2008

Jellyfish Bonanza

This year it seems there is much concern over Jelly fish in the NY region. During the NYC triathlon this was big news. Many friends told me they were stung during the swim. Since I was not able to participate this year I was not there to see this myself. But having done this race twice before and having no such issue, I thought it was a fluke. But it seems this is a widespread problem through out the area.

Coach Adam was doing a fundraiser in the 4 mile swim for America, that was done in the Long Island Sound yesterday, and he also reported on being stung by Jelly fish. So naturally I was curious and looked this up and found the following. ( Also as pure side note notice the difference in quality and depth of coverage between NY Newsday, a local Long Island Paper and, The New York Times.)

From Newsday:

Possible increase of jellyfish in NY waters

July 22, 2008

NEW YORK - Marine biologists say there may be more jellyfish than usual in New York waters this year.

They say one breed in particular _ the lion's mane _ showed up about a month earlier than usual. The biologists blame everything from breeding conditions and climate change for the abundance of jellyfish so early in the season.

Cornell University biologist Mark Bain says there is "widespread evidence of increasing jellyfish around the world."

The lion's mane are blamed for stinging athletes who jumped into the Hudson River on Sunday during the swimming stage of the New York City Triathlon. The stings are not considered deadly.

One triathlete died after being pulled from the water. An autopsy failed to determine a cause of death.

From NY Times( Article too large to put here)

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Coach said...

Yup, Lions Mane is what got me, although I think two of the stings were not from them because you can clearly see these bad boys in the water. I'll be posting pictures to my blog at later today. As a side note, man I hate it when people look at nature they don't understand and unappreciatively state "It was so disgusting." It's such a selfish and self centered approach to life.