Friday, July 4, 2008

Good bye world

I just received my "Final" phase of the IM Moo training plan from my hotshot coach, John Hirsch ( To say that it is tough, well that is an understatement. So I would just like to say sayonara to all the good people in my life. for the next 6-8 weeks I will not be in your lives, I will be on a Bike somewhere in the hills of Westchester.

OK Just kidding ( sort of), I believe John put together a realistic plan and did take my job into account and such. But the fact remains its a plan designed to make sure that I am ready to finish IM MOO. Well this is what it takes.

Which is why I do believe that the most impressive part of finishing an Ironman is not the actual race but the fact that you were able to survive the training! I see folks like my fellow Crew ( thats the John Hirsch team, in case you are not "in the know") PJ who puts in 6 hours on an indoor trainer!! An indoor Trainer folks!!! Riding a trainer for more than an hour is in my mind the single most mind numbing experience there can be. It is not only a physical challenge but a mental one.

Or Pam ( another crew type) that has just put in 419 miles in one week! You read that right.

The truth is by the time you get to the race, you are about to do the easiest part. You are already an Ironman if you trained properly for it.

Now that I just write that, I realize I am going into the IM with some serious IM Crew folk doing the same race. I have some good company, aside from my pal Coach Adam, from Race with Purpose ( who is also headed to IM Moo. I better get training just to keep up! I have my job cutout for me!

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PJ said...

I needed some motivation before I hopped on the trainer for another 6hours and this did it for me - thanks! I will think of Pam's 400+ miles and keep telling myself that 6 hours on a trainer is nothing! :)