Thursday, July 10, 2008

Doggie Du Championships - No more

NYC has put a Kabosh on the duathlon plans in the last minute. IT seems there is construction going on along the river and the City feels it is unsafe for teh dogs to swim in. So they have removed permission for the dogs to swim there. So now the organizer has turned it into a 10K run.

By the way The triathlon is still going on as planned, the city has no concerns over suffering due to construction issues.

Which I happen to think is kind of funny, because in my opinion the dogs are the ones who tend to follow orders as opposed to the other way around. One has only to look up the Darwin awards to agree.


Philip LaVoie said...

=( didn't see that coming.

Can they swing you into the oly instead? seems unfair. or is the 10k going to be with simba? i guess that would be a trade-off.

btw, amp'd about sunday!

PJ said...

That sucks! I was quite curious to hear the race report on this. Are you still doing the 10k (with the dog)?

Javier said...

They gave me the option of doing the Olyt,and I did think on it, but Simbas has alot of people going down there. She has more fans than I do, and we decided that since they are still having a 10K race ( with dog) that we should do it. I mean after all after being in the paper and all! lol This is perhaps the most expensive 10K I have ever done.

And yes it does suck, Me and Simba were getting pretty good at swimming together. I was curious to see how it would go in a race. Unfortunatly there is no other option. No other Doggie Du's anywhere. At least that I could find