Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Down for the Count

Well last night was a very very bad night. I was out cycling and broke my collarbone.

My plan had me doing lots of hills, so I had this 3-4 mile loop I found that has several good hills on it. My plan was to do 3 repeats of the loop. Now the ride leading up to the hilly loop itself has the longest and stretch of an incline that I had to ride up, I was finished with my hill loops and was headed back. Going down the long incline, I had picked up some speed and at a turn I had apparently hit a patch of dirt/gravel that was washed out from the heavy rain the night before.

As i made the turn my rear tire went out from under me. Its funny but it really does go in slow motion. I saw myself falling and tried to correct myself. I remember seeing the front tire wobbling left and right as I was trying to straighten up, and then Bammm. My shoulder took the hit and I skidded for a bit. My shoulder probably took the brunt of the fall because I was still trying to fight it and did not let go of the handlebar, so I did not put my hands down fast enough to cushion the blow.

The funny part was that as soon as I got up I knew I had broken my collarbone, there was a new corner under my skin that was not there before. So I sort of righted it by hand, and tried to get back on the bike, but I could not move my arm without a ton of pain. So I decided to walk the two miles home.

At this point I was just incredibly frustrated that this had happened. I was just feeling great about my training having done the century the day before and feeling strong, I was doing awesome on the hills. It was in fact just thinking not 10 minutes earlier that perhaps I stood a chance to do real well at IM Wisconsin.

SO As I was walking home I decided I would vent to someone who would understand my frustration, I called my friend Phil, who I figured would be out working out ( he is in training after all). By some freakish yet fortunate instance he was home and picked up. My first words were dammit Phil I broke my collarbone and now I think I may not be able to make my swim workout tomorrow!

Phil was like "Uhhh ... where are you?"

Me " on the road walking home"

Phil (laughing) "Dude I can't believe you! Stay there and I'll come and pick you up!"

Me " OK but its not necessary, I was not calling for help, I was calling because I am frustrated, I am going to have to miss my swim workout tomorrow!"

Phil "Dude I think I better picked you up"

Phil did come and pick me up and he took me to the hospital ( Great friend!). I believe he felt I was in shock or delirious or something. Anyways it was much appreciated that he came.

So now my plans are on hold. Personally I think my IM plans for this year are done for. Well that just sucks! I asked the ER Doc and he said I should not do anything with the arm for 4-6 weeks. The collar is not a bone they put a cast on because it heals well on its own, however I run the risk of causing damage if I do not let it heal.

So I have to make an appointment with a specialist to follow up. Will see then.

The required road rash pictures will follow in the near future.


PJ said...

Oh man, Javier. I'm so sorry! That suuuuuucks in so many ways. How is the shoulder feeling? How bad does it hurt? I'm glad your friend was there to pick you up. I can't believe you were going to walk those 2 miles home! You must have some crazy high pain tolerance.

Hang in there and take it easy. I'll send all the "heal fast" vibes I have your way.

Philip LaVoie said...

yer one tuff dude jav... ;-)

rest well my man. there will be other days to come.

Strouter said...

So sorry, Javier -- take good care of yourself!!

Javier said...

Tough nah, just single mindedly stupid sometimes.

rambonie said...

yes, i believe you are delirious, but that was the case before you crashed! take care of that injury, its not worth pushign yourself and causing further damage

Bill Risch said...

Javier - definitely take it easy and heal up!