Sunday, July 13, 2008

IM Training day #1 down

Well I had my first of many long Training days today. It was a 100 mile ride. Done at a moderate pace. Phil joined me after a 2 week rest period. It was supposed to be an easy pace, but in Westchester there is no such thing as a real easy ride. This one started off nicely headed north into Putnam and eventually Dutches Counties. The first 40 miles were dreamlike, with cow pastures and farms. Beautiful Views. We even passed through Pawling, who's town hall has a sign, "welcome toPawling, Home of positive Thinking" How can you argue with that?

ANyhow that was the first 40 miles. We stopped for a break and then the remainder starts with a warning on the cue sheet. "Serious hill coming up", and it was! Possibly 1-1.5 miles of climbing. But really the rest of the ride was almost non-stop rollers and long gradual climbs.

PERFECT for my IM training.

Finally, after what seemed endless time we arrived back at Westchester, Phil had dropped off about 6 miles before I arrived at my house, as we were passing his house.

Oddly enough, I felt pretty good and decided to throw in a short transition run. ran 10 minutes. Felt pretty good.

So I am pretty satisfied for today. Happy with today, and thats all I can ask for. Now back to work tommorow :(

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