Friday, July 18, 2008

IM Lake Placid 09!

Here I come! I spoke to Melody at NA Sports. She informed me I am able to transfer my community fund slot from IM Wisconsin to IM Lake Placid in 09. So thats what I am doing. This is awesome! I have some friends planning on doing IM LP in 09 so it will be great to train with a group.

It sucks to miss out on IM Wisconsin but all things considering, I am happy to get into LP.


PJ said...

Sweet! That's awesome that you can transfer...and have something to look forward to!

rambonie said...

great news, lets ride!

Joe said...

Jav! That sucks breaking your clavicle so close to your IMMOO - I feel for ya man. But I'm glad to hear you're in IMLP next year. You'll have your day! Get better mate!