Friday, July 25, 2008

The DL list

I have discovered that being on the DL list really, really sucks. Pain and injury aside, one of the worse aspects is the drastic and sudden change from one of spending nearly 100% of my free time training, to suddenly having all of this time free.

At first this was nice since life was quite hectic up until that point. But now I find myself with this excess of energy that I have to now somehow re harness. The results of this are starting to show:

1) I have become a shoutbox bully in Race with purpose. I seem to be spending allot of time there. I don't know if they ( or civilization) is ready to see me when I am bored.
2) I am committing myself to allot more things in the future, due to time that I have NOW. See the problem?
3) Since I cannot run with my dog Simba, she also has an excess of time and energy on her hands. So I have been training her to harness her mental brilliance( she is a Border Collie / Collie Mix you know) to vacuum and clean the house. ( what? am I supposed to do this with my broken collar bone??)

So clearly I need to find other hobbies while I heal for the next 6 to 8 weeks. Maybe I'll head over to triscoop and see whats going on in their shout box ;)

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