Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Swim workout today

Well today I had my first structured swim workout in a looong time. Since I have been out of the water for quite possibly 2 months ( with an occassional 1k yards in the pool here and there)the coach has me starting out slow. Today was 30-60 minutes. I did about 50 minutes. Had to stop due to crappy goggles that simply have to go. I was swimming with that fishbowl feeling almost the whole time. Other technical difficulties. The workout I chose had 200 yards pulling. Problem is I could not find the damned pull bouey! Its somewhere in the room depicted in the picture below:

Anyhow despite this I managed the following:
200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull( well I dead legged it)
9x50 (slow, medium, fast 3X)
6 x 75 (50 steady, 25 fast)
finished with 300 cooldown
Total 1800 meters


Anonymous said...

WOw 50 minutes! I realyl thought you would do 30 then build to 50. NICE. Good work man. Keep it up.

btw I didnt put it in your plan. But here is another workout for ya:
3 x 3 hours unpack RI 10 minutes.

- John (your faithful all watching coach)

Javier said...

Hey John,

The new workout you suggested I have already been doing but in the 3 x 30 minutes with a 3 day RI :)