Sunday, November 25, 2007


Well this week I am in Chile on business. It was a very long flight, 14 hours, so I am a bit sore from sitting in a slightly smallish seat ( for business class). I did manage to sleep a good portion of the time.

I got in at around 8:30 Am and got to the hotel around 10 AM. Having that much time I decided to go and take advantage of the free shuttle the hotel has to "providencia" which is suppossed to be a tourist friendly area. On the way there the shuttle operatore pointed out the Hyatt Hotel which is apparantly the most significant hotel in Santiago. According to him "Michael Jackson!" even stayed there. Nice to know that Michael still has some influence somewhere.

Anyhow they dropped us off in what was basically a large mall.

I had lunch and got a few things I forgot like toothpaste, and headed back after around 3 hours.

Later I did a run around the area of the hotel, the area is called "Ciudad Empressa" which is basically a business park. There is a loop a little less than 1.5 miles long. So I did 4 loops of it. On the run I ran into a number of what I think were strays though I could not tell because although they were running around in the street they had collars on. So I could not tell.

My run went as follows:

Distance 5.74 Miles
Time 48:38
Max HR 184
Ave HR 166

Ave Pace 8:28
Calories 620

According to my Polar R400 I have a running index of 52 ( good)

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Anonymous said...

good job making the workout happen. Its hard when traveling.

In Spain the dogs are the same way. Kind of half owned half stray. Its like they are strays that have a place to eat.