Tuesday, November 27, 2007

More Running

Todays run was uneventful, now that I am familiar with the Business park that I call home in Santiago for a week, I am starting to notice more of the detail. For example today in the office I learned that the business park itself is only about 5 years old, and that many of the buildings were award winners here in Chile. Architectural wonders all of them. I am not joking. There is one buildingthat looks like it would be a figure 8 one one side but when you go to the other it is a waterfall and some structure that looks like a metalic tree and vines running up the side. I was told by my local coworkers that the building was built to run completly from solar power. Cool!

I hope to be able to download the pictures from my blackberry. But though I am a technology guy at work I am a bit slow in the personal gadgets department.

Anyhow back to my run. here are the stats

5.72 Miles
48.35 minutes
Max HR 175 (90%)
Ave 162 ( 83%)
Ave Pace 8:29 Min/Mile
593 Calories
Polar Running Index 54

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