Saturday, November 17, 2007

Cold Ride

Ok so todays plan was a 2 hour ride. I couldn't arrange anyride with friends because I had to participate in the companies BCP testing this morning. So at about 1PM I was free to ride and decided to give it a shot. The temps were 41 degrees. I couldn't find my booties ( not due to move, since I could not find them the week before the move. ) nor my skullcap that I use under the bike helmet.

Anyhow I was suppossed to stay within 120-145 HR, my ave was 155 max 189. Not being familiar with some of the roads I took I encountered some nice hills, that kept my HR up. Finally the lack of appropriate cold weather gear kept my bone a chill. SO I ended my ride a bit early. Total time 1:29:38 1209 calories burned.

Must go buy some new winter gear now.

And blow leaves off my lawn :)

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