Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanks Giving

Run today. 5.55 Miles 55:29Max HR 174, Ave HR 150 706 Calories burned. ready for Thanks Giving!!

My situation: I have a mountain of debt which includes a sparkling new Mortgage, I have a new house that needs some repairs and thus more debt to come, I have a new house full of boxes that seem to take forever to unpack. My mom has a heart condition. My job is demanding and sometimes frustrating and gives me more work than I can really handle. I have dogs that seem to poop alot more than any animal should. cats that like to wrestle and wake us up when they feel like it.

So I give Thanks for a challenging job that pays me enough to pay my debts ( including the brand spanking new Mortgage, and for some of the repairs to the house. I give thanks that I am fairly handy and can do MANY of the repairs myself. I give thanks for a Great wife who helps me have fun unpacking and looking over old pictures and books and spend more time than is really necessary unpacking, but making it fun anyways. I give Thanks for awsome dogs and cats whose antics can keep the blues away when feeling overwhelmed. Finally I am thankfull for a GREAT set of parents who have found a great Cardiologist and who has helped my mom get past the worst of it.

So Thank You.

Happy Thanksgiving

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