Friday, November 16, 2007

Run was on the plan for today 45-60 minutes.


Time - 50.26 Minutes
Distance - 5.56 miles
Max HR 183
Ave HR 158
Cals 700

Map below.

Heritage hills is pretty hilly, so there were some nice hills in there I had to run. I ran with Simba and she was great. This afternoon I need to make up for the lost swim session of yesterday. I went there at 8PM having minimal amount of time to do the workout since I have to be back home to pick up lovely spouse at the train station. I get there and of course the lifeguard is on dinner break, and wont be back for 15 minutes. I waited 15 minutes and she was still nowhere to be found. The pool gets closed when teh lifeguard is not around. So I decided to ditch the workout because if there is something I cannot stand is working out with a time constraint. So today at lunch I will work it in at the White Plains NYSC.

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