Monday, November 12, 2007


Well I went and did it. I done it! I got me a coach! Well a coach just for me that is. I have always had the benefits of the great group coaching by Team in training, and then there is my friend Adam who is a running coach himself and who was kind enough to critique my form and give me pointers on how to improve my game. So I cannot say I have been without coaching, but despite all the help, It was still up to me to develop my own training plan and execute it.

That worked fine for the shorter races. In fact I had success in meeting my goals for 2007. But in 2008 I am taking on an Ironman which is a whole different beast. Also I really want to get the most out of my time this year, I think a coach is better to help me do just that. I have enlisted the aid of John Hirsch. He is an Elite athlete and very successful in the mauntauk HIM (overall #1 male)and some of the local races. After speaking with him on the phone for about an hour, I had a real good feeling about this. He has already put together a plan for me. I am Psyched!

PS. New home pictures will be posted soon, because I finally found the USB cable I need. The problem is that as I shifted stuff to find it, I seem to have covered the camera, so now I can't find that! So I have a cable but no camera, I will one day get the equation straight ;) Moving sucks

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