Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Lately almost everyone I know seems to be using a Garmin 305 GPS HR Monitor. Here I was just running around with my paltry Polar R400 running computer that CANNOT upload to a website and show me on a fancy map the course that I ran/biked. Talk about HR Monitor envy!

But how could I justify a $399 purchase when we just finished buying a house AND I signed up with a coach to help me get to IM Wisconsin in totally winning and cool fashion ( mind you complete with running across the line waving my arms to my 2 fans and having the energy and sufficient thought process left to remember to exagerate hearing my name "Javier Gomez YOU are an IRONMAN" I mean cupping my ears with my hands and all! (John Dude, if you are reading this you have your work cut out for you!) I cut out the part of moonwalking across the finish line because damn that is Sooo 80's ( also because it would require hiring a different type of coach:)

Side note: Despite the absurdity of the concept don't you think that if I moonwalked across the finish line of a IM, wouldn't I at least make the news?!

Anyhow, after much deep thinking I decided to list out the things I think really would make a difference in my Racing aside from getting a coach(listed in order of importance):

-New Bike, tri specific(3-4K)- I am right now riding a 650$ entry level road bike.
-Some kind of aero wheelset(1K in a fire sale)
-a Bullet head helmet ( aero helmet(price who knows They look silly as far as I am concerned and would only wear one if I was a Pro))
-Threshold testing ( $600)

Other than that I cannot really recall what I would like, though I am certain I am missing about 5K worth of stuff.

But ultimatly I thought that 20 years ago this stuff was not around, and thos guys still would kick my ass and would probably still end up in the top 10% of todays races. They had relatively heavy road bikes. NO HR monitors, and for all I knew they ran in the original waffle pattern Nike shoes. According to my dads logic ( if I fall for the "walking to school for 10 miles in the snow" story despite the fact that he grew up in Cuba...yeah it was a stretch) they did it barefoot!
So really what is it that makes the real difference, would it be the equiptment or would it be the training? I think its obvious. Its the training( I know genes play a part but I do sometimes like to delude...errr...remind myself that I have the right set of genes so keep your mouth shut! Its the training DAMMIT!!)

So still How does one keep the technology envy away? Well let me start by saying the only reason I even have a Polar R400 Running computer is because I got it free from TNT as a returning athlete last year. So I got it by having raised over 6K for the benefit of all the folks with leukemia. So all I diod was go on eBay and scored a foot pod for only $60

So can I map my run. No But I can tell the distance now (give or take a few) and get all kinds of analytics) Next year I will invest in the Polar Bike computer that will tie into the same software ( my el cheapo Bike computer is on the fritz). Giving me almost all of the same analytical data as a garmin 305 at in essance half the cost. OK so maybe I will have to fabricate the maps of my runs to send to my friends, but hey thats the price we all have to pay at times right?


Anonymous said...

I think your list is in the right order.

Yes, we have lots of work cut out. You can do it!


Tri-ing Fat Man said...


You will love the 305 if you get it, BUT, the Edge 605 bike mounted looks pretty cool too!

Good luck and train happy!