Friday, August 24, 2007

Preparing for Singapore

Well tomorrow night I am leaving for Singapore. So this evening I started to pack the Bike and triathlon stuff up. This is the first time I travel with the Bike so it was a bit unsettling taking the bike apart not 100% certain that I will be able to put it back together. I am 99% certain I can. In fact I went through a practice run the other day so that I could feel confident about putting the bike (AKA Dusty) back together. However, some things I did NOT take apart then such as the rear derailleur, or the aerobars and handlebar. I made sure to put tape everywhere just so I know what position to put things back at, but its still just not natural!

Anyhow I am probably packing too much. But since I do not know what to expect when I get to Singapore, I am bringing everything I have sports wise. Now I know that Singapore happens to have GREAT shopping ( locals tell me shopping is their national pass time), so I am sure if I could find a bike or sports shop I could replenish anything I need. Its just the finding of the stuff is the problem.

Since I am going for work purposes, I will not have allot of time to explore prior to the race. So I would rather have everything with me. Better safe than Sorry.

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