Friday, August 31, 2007

Pre race confusion

Ok so I am getting ready for this race and man oh man it is confusing. they have two transition areas, so your gear has to be distributed to both. To assist in this the organizers has given "transition bags" to all athletes. 1 Swim bag, 1 Bike bag and 1 run bag. I am supposed to put what I need for each part of the race in each bag. It does not sound like much of a big deal, but I never put that much thought into transitions, I simply bring everything I have in my race bag and worry about it on race day when setting up the transition area.

In this case I will not even see the run transition because for all practical purposes it not a traditional transition area, its a tent with a bench so I can change shoes. Thats it.

In a way its probably good because it forces me to think about what I am doing, but its different and that makes me nervous.

Another thing I never even considered. They use the British system here for driving ( drive on left part of road) So the race is following that. So for this race you have to stay on the left side of the road and pass on the right. Otherwise they will give you a "Out of position" penalty. This means that instead of being able to zone Out and worry only about the race, I have to keep myself from following my natural instinct to stay on the right and pass on the left. Also it seems they are going to be very strict on the rules here. In fact being its Singapore you can almost bet on that.

Overall its not overwhelming stuff but its different.

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