Sunday, August 19, 2007

First step on Road to Fame and Glory

I actually need to register for an Ironman race before I can even get started on this journey to IM. From my recent experience registering for IM Lake Placid, that will not be so easy. On Monday, July 23rd I received a call from Adam saying that online registration for IM Lake placid had just opened. Up until that point I was not sure if I wanted to do an Ironman. However, that call just kicked something in and in a split second I decided I wanted to do it. I immediately logged on to register, BAM! I saw the message "registration is closed". It took only 7 minutes for online registration to sell out. Its my understanding that IM Wisconsin goes pretty fast as well.

I will have to develop a plan for being ready instantly to register the second it goes on, maybe a training plan is required, work on speeding up typing skills? Clearly some kind of threshold and speed work will be required. Must think!

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J said...

Hey Javier! Signing up IS hard! Mayber harder than training? Good luck in Singapore. Can't wait for the race report.

Jen (JenWillTri)