Thursday, August 16, 2007

Beer and good

Well today after work I wanted to catch up with a friend at my job. We agreed to meet up at a bar after work for a few beers. I had maybe 3-4 beers.

Then I went home and was planning on doing a 7.5 mile run and then work in a 1 hour swim session. Even before starting I had an upset stomach, headache felt other words I had a hangover. I started my run and realized that 7.5 miles was not going to be good. So I did 5.25 miles instead. I normally finish this at 42 min. Today 49. My heartrate was very high basically at threshold with just an easy pace.

I decided to ditch the swim and do it tommorow. Lesson learned. If I plan on seriously training for the IM, there can be few of these types of days. Or at least train...THEN drink :)

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Henry said...

The lesson to be learned here is clearly that you need to drink more beer, so that in the future, it will have less affect on you.