Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Extensor Tendonitis

Over the last few days I have started to feel an ache across the top of my foot when I run, and it seems to be getting worse. Up until now It was not so bad that it actually hindered my running, it was an ache that just was not supposed to be there. Well today I was doing a 9 mile run at around 70% HR and the ache just kept getting worse and worse until towards the end of the run I was favoring my left foot. I looked online and found this website:


What are the symptoms of inflammed extensor tendons?
-Pain on the top of the foot (dorsal foot pain).
-Diffuse swelling on the top of the foot.
-Pain along the top of the foot which is worse during running. ***
-Pain when the tendons are passively stretched.

Well aren't I the Lucky one! I happen to have all of these symptoms. I will try the treatment suggested before it gets worse:

What can the athlete do about inflamed extensor tendons?
-Rest until there is no more pain. <---- This could end my marathon plans for Oct 7th
-Apply ice or cold therapy.
-Alter shoes or get shoes that fit properly!
-Ensure shoe laces are not too tightly tied.
-Pad the shoe in the forefoot to take the pressure off.
-Follow a rehabilitation programme including strengthening of the extensor muscles and stretching the calf muscles at the back of the lower leg.

I feel I have caught this early enough that I can do something about it. In fact tonight I am icing the foot. I think its also time for new running shoes. Anyhow its better to get this under control before it gets worse. I will just focus on my swimming and cycling. for the next few weeks. I am hoping that the pain will subside enough for me to be able to run well in the Singapore 1/2 IM on Sept 2nd.


Duane said...

Hope the foot gets better! Injuries really suck!

Strouter said...

Hey Javier! Great blog, but that's crappy that you're injured. How can you run that fast at Rockefeller and be injured?! Take care of yourself and thanks for linking to my blog. I've now linked to yours, too.
Erin ("Strouter")

Javier said...

Thanks guys. Hey Erin, last saturday at Rockefeller, I was feeling the pain, only it was just discomfort at that point. Didn't interfere with my running at all.

Hopefully the rest and new running shoes will help.

runner-grrl said...

Just wanted to say this was a great post! I am suffering from extensor tendonitis (which mystified me for a few days), but well on the road to recovery (9 days of no running). Thanks! --Alex (aka run350)

Crazy Momma said...

Although I am not training for a marathon (just a 5K) I wanted to thank you for this post. I too am struggling with what I believe is extensor tendonitis. It started as my foot going numb while I was walking/running up hills and today I am getting some pain. Ice and a good relacing of my shoes is in order!

oscar said...

I ran a half marathon almost two weeks ago and the day after I awoke to the same pain you guys are describing. I think it is extensor tendonitis also, and have rested for almost two weeks. My symptoms have gotten much better, but I wanted to know if anyone had a time table for being 1oo% over the injury. thanks.


Javier said...

Hi Oscar, I am not a doctor and recommend that before anything I say. However what I did was took off a few weeks. Icing my foot morning and evening. Then even after feeling painfree and I started to run again, I continued to Ice my foot after each run. Did this for another few weeks. Haven't had a problem since.

I highly recommend Icing even when not in pain. These "wear and tear" injuries do not start suddenly, but rather is an accumulation of wear on the future injury site. So I like to do preventative treatment. Like dealing with the imperceptible inflammation that could be developing. Thus I Ice after most long running workouts. It has worked like a Charm. I have a post about Icing my foot if you are interested how I did it.

Javier said...

Here is the post on Icing the foot. http://www.operationironman.com/2008/01/how-to-ice-your-foot.html