Sunday, August 26, 2007

18 Hours

I embarked on my journey to Singapore on Friday evening. It is an 18 hour direct flight from Newark. also they are 12 hours ahead. Thus I am leaving Friday and arriving on Sunday. Anyhow, as I was entering the airport terminal wher Singapore airlines is and immediatly I hear " hey you must be going to Singapore for the race!" I look over and sure enough there two triathletes. They were two women, asian, and they were checking into Singapore airlines.

Aside from the fact that they spotted me first, I would have spotted them for what they were pretty quick, they had more baggage than anyone should ever have: 1 Gigantic box carrying the bike. 1 suitcase which may have half clothes for normal day to day stuff, the other half the same amount if not more workout clothes. 1 very large sport bag, full of empty water bottles, energy drink powders, bike and running shoes+ all other race gear. Another carry-on which turns out to usually be the zipp wheels. A Backpack with the helmet strapped on and flip flops( which will probably be the same one used top walk to the swim start).

While waiting in line we all exchanged all the pertinent information in just 5 minutes. What races we had done in the last year, what HIM experience we had, whether we packed our own bikes or paid someone (I packed mine, they had a bike shop do theirs), what clubs we belonged too ( they to Terrier tri in NYC, me a mercenary of charity organizations TNT, Race with purpose etc). After having established our credentials we then exchanged names By that point we were able to easily chat for an hour while waiting around to board the plane. Conversation was mostly about How the race refs were going to be, about drafting penalties and other really important stuff. We also had established the informal "Tri team" mentality in that one would stand watch over all the gear while the others went to the bathroom or looked around. A sort of T1 area in the airport if you will.

Once we boarded the plane we pretty much went on our separate ways, though we agree to email each other to see if we can get a group for a ride around Singapore. Whether it happens remains to be seen.

The flight itself went without any events. I started to see "Hot Fuzz", but fell asleep because it was 1AM and I was tired. I slept pretty well for maybe 6 hours. Woke up watched TV and slept some more maybe another 2-3 hours. I definitly, took advantage of the flat bed seats they have in Business class. It helps that they make it pretty dark in the plane almost the entire ride. Whatever they do it works. Almost all were asleep.

everyone is asleep in Business Class

I can say I slept almost the whole ride. I had enough time after waking to see an Indian Film, that was OK. I take advantage of these flights to see foreign films so I can get me some "culture" :) All else on the flight went smooth even baggage pickup and the ride to the hotel.

Once I got there what did I do? Why naturally I put Dusty the bike back together!

Dusty is ready to roll

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