Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Como Se Dice

Prior to the NYC Triathlon I was actually interviewed by NY1 News Latino. I was selected due to my amazing athletic skills and agressive competitiveness. Welllll.....OK I was chosen because I was one of the few athletes they could find that spoke spanish ( Shhh..don't tell that to my wife she she actually bought the "it is my unparralelled success at the sport" story, I need to keep the funding going!)Anyhow, it was an interesting experience. Myself and one other woman were interviewed I just know her name was Valentina. We were interviewed by Felipe Klint, who is a news anchor but on occassion he goes out to do a story that interests him. In this case he was doing the race himself for the first time.It was funny its started off with Felipe interviewing me for about 5 Minutes.

The questions were about why do triathlon, whats the interest etc
I was so worried that I was going to botch up my spanish and say something stupid like "Bueno Mio me Gusta becauso, como se dise..loseo el weighto mucho" But I actually pulled it through and spoke well enough. After my interview and Valentina's interview they took some action shots of us stretching and doing activities.
It was odd because they had us stretch like in front of benches which nobody ever does, at least not on concrete. So we were there stretching trying to look like we were seriously doing it. You can see us speaking, what we were saying is:
"Now what do we just continue to do this?"
"Well when the heck do we stop?"
After that they took some shots of me running, which felt odd because the camera was in front of me and they did not want me to look into the camera. I had to resists the urge to wave at everyone! or stick my tongue out. I finally have the video of the footage but am trying to transfer it to a format I can edit so I can post it here. It has about 2 hours of unimportant news coverage about world hunger, the environment, other useless news before getting to the important stuff ( me).
It was fun

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