Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Back to swimming for me today

After last weeks problems with my collarbone getting inflamed, I had to hold off on swimming and upper body work. It was probably too much too fast. So now that its settled, I will shoot to do just 1000 meters focus on form and not speed or strength. see if a slow buildup works better.

I guess I should have expected something like that, but it served as a reminder, I did have surgery, and although I feel fine, some tendons and whatever else had to be cut during the surgery still have some healing to do.


Jamie said...

Good call Javier. There will be plenty of time later on to work on getting fast.

Take care!

PJ said...

I don't have any shoulder tendon problems and I am only focusing on form and all that jazz. So yeah, good plan. :)

Happy Holidays!