Thursday, December 18, 2008

Over did it I guess

Well yesterday was a spectacular training day for me. Started the day off with a good speed workout in the pool. Went in the morning at around 8:30. The workout involved 2100 meters, of intervals. Great workout that really pushed me.

Then throughout the day I did pushups. Spread out into 5-10 at a time. My upper body has suffered due to the accident. So I have to build up strength. Then had a lovely nap at around 4 PM as one should do during vacation. Was almost completely unproductive in any of my goals outside of working out, then ended the day with a 1 hour bike workout.

Felt great! That is until I woke up this morning to find my collarbone swollen and sore to the touch. Couldn't move my neck without some discomfort. I guess the push ups may have been too much.

Thew funny part is I felt no pain whatsoever during the day or while doing any of the exercises.

So now I am here icing my collarbone and neck. Today is just a run, but I am cutting out the pushups and the swimming for the rest of the week.


ramster said...

ouch. yeah maybe both hard swim and lots of pushups is too much. pick one or the other? maybe try girl pushups at first until your bone can handle the real deal. hope you feel better soon!

HolisticGuru said...

don't overdo it! youll ruin your ironman! ramster is right, maybe try "girl push ups" but call them "modified muscle man pushups".

Javier said...

"modified Muscle man Pushups"

I like it! Actually I will lay off swimming and pushups for the rest of this week. Then next week maybe start off with low rep like 5 MModified Muscle Man pushups and build up from that.