Saturday, December 13, 2008

Training week of 12/15

Well I am now officially on vacation! one of the few benefits about working for a bank is the MANDATORY two week break with absolutely no contact whatsoever from work. I was even required to leave my Blackberry with my boss. Company policy.

So now I finally have some time to get my training going for a bit without those nasty interruptions from work. Since my chum Phil is also on Vacay for the next two weeks hopefully we can sinc up the training plans to get a couple of workouts in together.

My plan for the coming week is:

Swim run focus week still in Base training mode

Monday: swim muscle strength.

Tuesday: swim: endurance. / run 60 minutes.

Wednesday: indoor workout from data base, workout should be 45-60 minutes (anything BUT strength progression) keep hr low 120-145 / swim 45-60 minutes: speed workout from database

Thursday: run 60 minutes. hr 120-150 capped at 165 for uphills.

Friday: swim 60 minutes. Use early season workouts from data base endurance.

Saturday: ride 2 hours (can move indoors with weather sucks) hr 120-145 easy easy easy , small ring. run 30-45 minutes

Sunday: run 12 miles

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