Thursday, December 4, 2008

So far so good

Well the swim the other day was refreshing. It was nice to be back in the pool. Only did a 30 minute workout because I did not want to take any chances of straining/pulling anything since I have not been in the pool for 5 months. It was strange to swim with the steel plate because I fell something there. Its not pain in any way its just different. But anyhow it did not get in the way and once I swam for about 5 minutes I forgot about it. My breathing was out of synch and could not go for more than 200 yards at a time. But again after some time in the pool That fell back into place. And despite the steel plate, my swim stroke does not appear to have changed.....It still sucks.

Yesterday did a 40 minute run during lunch, today back to the pool in the evening.

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