Monday, December 8, 2008

My righteous plan for the week

Well another week comes to its start, on the plan this week:

Monday: off

Tuesday: swim 30 minutes focus on form

Wednesday: indoor workout from data base, workout should be 45-60 minutes (anything BUT strength progression) keep hr low 120-145 / swim 45-60 minutes: speed workout from database.

Thursday: run 45-60 minutes. hr 120-150 capped at 165 for uphills.

Friday: swim 40 minutes. Use early season workouts from data base endurance.

Saturday: ride 2 hours (can move indoors with weather sucks) hr 120-145 easy easy easy , small ring. run 30-45 minutes

Sunday: long run 90 minutes


Jamie said...

Nice base training Javier.

I also found this sweet video podcast of spinning workouts set to cycling videos from the TdF and other pretty sick races. They are only about 45-60 minutes, but worked well last week when nothing on Hulu was really all that interesting to me.

Go on iTunes and look up "Sufferfest."

Javier said...

excellent! Thanks for the tip. always on the lookout for new additions to the indoor trainer theater experience.