Monday, September 29, 2008


OK so my back is sore today not as bad as it was yesterday. But I have to say this getting old SUCKS! Still on limited activities for today. Saw a doctor yesterday and he told me I had a sprained back. This happened because I was trying to avoid putting any weight on my right collarbone when lifting an oddly shaped box. It was no more than 20 lbs but it was enough.

The doc said that my back was probably already a bit off kilter due to the fact that I have been trying to compensate for over 2 months with out using the right arm for anything which made sense. Oh well I have been resting up anyhow. But ths incident sure makes me miss my workouts even more.

NOTE TO SELF: Focus on Core workouts in the prep phase


Philip LaVoie said...

(you'll get nothing but tuff luv here pal)

Javier said...

And I have no disagreement with that assessment lol

PJ said...

That sucks. And not much of a (even belated) birthday present!