Saturday, September 13, 2008


The past week we started to have our upstairs bathroom redone. The plumbers were here last week and took out theTub. Now taking out a tub is messy business. The sheetrock walls had to be taken off down to the studs. So since they are coming back next week, I have the task of "cleaning up" like remove the nails and screws from thewalls etc.

Now when they took the tub out we found that the plywood underneath was rotted, so we took out the rotted portions and will replace with new plywood.

So we have a section of subfloor exposed, and the subflooring goes over to the room next door. As I pulled out some of the sheet rock that was left over and screws etc alot of it fell into the subflooring. After I was finished and cleaning up I started to pull the stuff out from teh sub floor. AS I was reaching in I noticed in the sub floor a few feet past the wall under the next roon a pair of large shiny eyes. .....I froze. ....They were huge. Much bigger than any mouse or rat I have ever seen... and glowing.

Slowly they were creeping towards me. ..HOLY SHIT!!

I pulled my arm out and .....The the little bastard Marmalade pops out meowing at me.

I was sitting there cathing my breath as he scrambled out of the hole and out the door. He must have slipped in without me noticing while I was on the ladder pulling nails out from the top of the walls. I just cracked up after that.


PJ said...

Hah! Cats are sneaky that way.

I have a handyman friend who once drywalled a cat right into someone's bathroom wall. It didn't make a peep when he was doing the work but decided to cry after a few hours of being stuck in there when after the job was finished.

How's your shoulder feeling these days?

Javier said...

Shoulders good, my mind on the other hand is going bonkers. I NEED a workout!!