Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yecch! I feel incredibly slow today. This past week work has been a non-stop meeting fest, which just drags after awhile. I swear at one point there was a meeting in there to discuss what other meetings we need lol

To make matters worse, I havent worked out in weeks. I was starting up a bit a few weeks ago, but realized I could not follow doctors orders. I was supposed to run but more like a shuffle so there is no bouncing. But once on the road the urge to tear off a quit sprint was overpowering. So decided its better to forego the running for a few more weeks until I am cleared for running unhinderred. The last thing I need is to undo whatever healing has been done to date.

I've benn using the trainer tho but not every day. I just settled myself to wait it out until I get back into the swing of things. Next week I meet with the surgeon again, to get more Xrays and see what progress has been made. hopefully, I'll get a green light to get back to my normally abnormal life of extreme training hours and ridiculously crazy hard physical challenges.

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