Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Train of thought

Sorry folks but here it comes......the wandering train of thought post.

OK So this morning I decided to go to, the official Ironman community. I realize some people may choose not to join this site because it is part of the ironman "establishment". However, because I have no morals ( at least from a triathlon perspective) and could care less if they trample on the little people, I went anyways.

Immediately whenever I go there I am struck by two things: 1) there are an amazing number of HACS on this site (HAC - Hot Athletic Chicks) 2) there are a Huge number of God fearing folks there too ( ie they post allot of "God Bless you" and even quote the bible. I mean seriously in the middle of a post about Anaerobic threshold for example you may very well see a reference to Luke verse II or something) .

Now the above is not meant to say there is anything wrong with the above. Its just that these are unusual concentrations to see. Not the HAC part because everyone knows that Triathlete women are the best looking hands down. But the Gospel folks, is a bit different. This led me to make an association. that naturally in my caffeine sloshed state I followed to a miserable end. So now Jump with me! ---> It seems to me that Gospel folks almost universally seem to go towards association with organizations often seen as being the "establishment". in this case the Ironman Brand. But also in my experience they are almost overwhelmingly Windows O/S Users.

There is a group of people known as "MAC users" who happen to be almost fanatical ANTI-WINDOWS users. Seeing Windows and anything to do with Bill Gates as having to do with the Anti-Christ. Making Bill Gates ( and Jerry Seinfeld by association thanks to those crappy commercials) THE ANTI-CHRIST.

So here we have two camps in some bizarre way contradicting each other, and yet having the same goal. The gospel folks who live and breath doing battle with Evil, and in living the good life, are IN FACT using the tools, that according to MAC users, of the Anti-christ.

Interesting Huh?

So what doe this mean? is the end of the world coming?

Are battle lines being drawn-up as we speak! with insidious maneuverings on both sides? Are the God fearing folks basically using the devils tools against him? literally Throwing it in his face! Sticking out their tongues at him? or is theother way around, is the forked tongued cretin sneaking his way in, to undermine Gods people?

OR*** Are the Mac Users just plain confused ( very likely BTW)

Just something to think about.

Or better yet ...not.

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