Saturday, September 13, 2008

2009 season thus far

So here are my tentative races for 2009 so far.

The season is being built around IM LP. All races before that are there solely to train for IMLP. they serve one purpose or another.

May, 09 Endurasport half- This is a HIM that is done every year at Harriman state park. The same course as the well known brutal Harriman spint, only the bike course is done 4 times! It will be great opportunity to work hills and also to work out my pacing stratedgy

Per their course description : "The bike course is a difficult 14-mile loop course with 1,500 total feet of elevation gain/loss per lap"

June 27, 2009, Tupper Lake Tinman half- This is the Race with Purpose traditional race. Done every year for the ast 3 years. A great Race, Great company and lots of fun. Howecer this holds anpther good reason to go. Forst its on a Saturday, so on Sunday we all hit the IMLP bike course to get firsthand experience with it. Possibly extend the time there for more extensive work up there. This is also a race where I have for each race done here had trouble with cramping on the run. So this will give me a final opportunity to test out a new race stratedgy before the BIG ONE. Finally due to its timing this will be the Final big weekend of My Build Phase.

July 12, IAMS Doggie DASH, The worlds most expensive 10K race. AT least for me. I had paid $250 to do a Doggie Duathlon in 2008. The Swim portion had to be cancelled due to the City of NY changing their mind two weeks before. So they turned it into a 10K run. In my case since I coiuld not attend they offerred me free entry into the race in 09. ANyhow its really a fun event that is done along with the NYC tri, and well I get to race with my bestest Pal Simba.

July 26, 2009 IM Lake Placid- Need I say more?

September 20 2009, Nutmeg half, Thinking the Nutmeg half in Connecticut.

Other Possibilities, the Toughman Half. This was its inaugural year. Of course I am on the DL list. But its a local race, no travel planning involved.

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