Saturday, September 27, 2008

09 Training notes and planning

Ok so here I am now trying to get excited about training for 09 and IM. I say "trying" but in reality its hard for me to get crazy excited, because I still cannot do any serious workouts. At least not till the end of October.

Not that that is such a hindrance considering I have been saddled with two overseas business trips in late October and mid November. Chile in end of October for 2 Weeks, Brazil Mid November also for 2 weeks.

SO Training really cannot get started anyhow. So my plan is to Use Nov and early December as an Anatomical adaptation phase. Light workouts to basically get into the swing of things again. Start to develop a routine again and get used to following it.

I have read Going Long to get a better background on what my training is supposed to look like:

This was purely for information purposes, because I decided to go ahead with continuing using John Hirsch as my coach (THE CREW!!). Though I am using a coach, I think its always good to know whats going on. I am happy to say that John's advice has always been spot on and everything he has told me in the past agrees with the advice of several other well known coaches like Joe Friel and Matt Fitzgerald.

Also with my varied schedule and regular changes that I need to make due to frequent business travel, its good for me to know what type of workouts I should be doing at what point, so that I can make a change when traveling if needed.

Anyhow below are some notes I took about the various training periods.

Prep Period

Generally 4-12 weeks long which leaves me much flexibility to travel and recover from my broken collarbone and travel for business.

The main objective is to slowly bring the body back to condition and adjust back to a regular training cycle. Additionally this is a good time to work on the basic skill sets ( cycling efficiency, swimming efficiency, running form).

Early in the prep period sessions should be short having come off a rest period. It’s a good time to incorporate cross training or non-triathlon specific skills that will still help build on your endurance base. The training intensity should be kept generally low, and add to your general fitness.

Training volume should be easy. Maybe 5 sessions in the week for the first 2-3 weeks.

After the 4th week, a baseline should be established for Threshold testing.

As the prep period nears its end, the volume should increase gradually to ensure a smooth transition into the Base period.

Base period

Generally 12 weeks

This is the most critical period of training for an Ironman distance race. By the end of this period the athlete should have all the endurance strength needed to complete the race. It is during this period that the athlete develops the endurance, force and muscular endurance that will be further developed during the Build period. Often however, especially for novices a race can be very successful with only a Base period completed since at this point the athlete should have the necessary endurance and strength.

Base period is often broken up into Base 1, Base 2, and Base 3

Base 1 ( 4 weeks) objectives are to build endurance and strength. Endurance workouts are longer. And there is a focus on improving technical skills

Base 2 (4 weeks) continues on the focus of endurance with increased work to build Muscular endurance. Thus addition of ME workouts are added. Endurance sessions get longer.

Care needs to be taken not to seek higher intensity workouts, that could result in Peaking too early

Base 3 (4 weeks)

Weekly volume reaches a peak here. With long endurance sessions and the addition of more ME intensity work. A C level race can be used for intensity at this time.

Build period

Generally 8 weeks

The early part of the build period is similar to the late base only with more volume. The objective of the build period is to prepare the athlete for the specific stresses that will be faced during the A race. Training on similar terrain and conditions.

The build period should include over distance training as well as race simulators. This is a good time to work on race strategy. Open water swims are good to add at this time if possible.

For my purposes I am throwing in Lots of planned century distance rides the race with purpose Bear Mountain Boondoggle and the Putnam purgatory ride come to mind. These are fancy named rides that me and friends have put together based on known routes but of course its just another ride if you don't give it a name! They are each 110 miles + Maybe I'll even throw in a 140+ miler.

My build will be starting with a half ironman such as the Endurasport half which is done in the well known Harriman state park usually in May( May 16 in 09). The bike is 4 loops of the famously challenging Harriman sprint course. GREAT hill training.

The Build will be ended with a race at Tupperlake which I do every year with the Race with purpose crew. Normally I do the HIM but in 09, I will do the Sprint so that come Sunday I can do the full 112 miles in Lake Placid, followed by a 10-15 mile run.

This should allow me to test out my race strategy. In the past on my HIM races I always have suffered cramping on the run. One of my goals is to avoid this since I cannot imaging running a marathon with that type of cramping. So I will be testing out whatever strategy I use on the Lake Placid course.

Peak period (Taper)

Generally 3 weeks

The objective here is to bring it all together and prepare the athlete to peak at race time. It is characterized with high intensity workouts, followed by good recovery periods. During the first two weeks of this period it makes sense to schedule breakthrough sessions or short race simulators, to maintain race level intensity, followed by thorough recovery. There should be 2 intensity sessions per week.

Race period( race week)

Only one goal here. Conserve your energy to arrive at the race fully charged and ready to KICK SOMEASS!!!

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ramster said...

I think i plan is laid out remarakably different from yours. Shoudl be intersting to see how we can make them jibe to get some team workouts in. Thanks for takign the lead on posting plan philosophy, i will do mine next week while i recover from Montauk