Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workout SWAP!

OK so I saw that Tuesday was going to be a slightly late day, knowing this I knew that by the time I got to the pool which would be at best 8PM - 8:30 PM that would at best leave me 90 minutes if all went well. However the more likely scenario would be that Get there to find the pool closed for 15 Minutes so that the 14 yr old lifeguard can go take a break to go eat, Text their pals, hang out in the front making an effort to stay awake ( I swear that job must be BORING!), which has happened to me already a few times. SO I decided to take preventative measure and swapped workout between Tues & Wednesday Hoping that today I will have more time to swim later.

So far so good, yesterday I had a ripping great training day. And today I have planned to do a 1 hr hill repeat workout on the treadmill during lunch at work, and then head home ON TIME to make my swim workout. Crossing fingers that no unplanned emergencies ( As opposed to the planned emergencies ;) comes up.

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