Sunday, March 1, 2009

Disaster waiting to happen?

OK so I was planning a 3 hr indoor trainer session this morning, as I was setting up I discovered that I had no bike shorts to be seen anywhere in the tricave where I keep most of my workout clothes nowadays! So I went looking further and lo-and-behold this is what I saw:

Thaaats right a pile of laundry with about he majority of all of my workout clothes, including my cycling shorts AND my tri shorts. ( Admit it!! You are very familiar with this scene!)

Realizing that if I do not get a workout in early in the morning as planned I could easily end up getting caught up in the daily grind and my workout could end up floating off in to the netherworld ( coincidentally I am in FACT going to the Netherlands tomorrow :), So I decided to piece together an appropriate ensemble and did a 2 hour run instead. I still plan on doing my trainer session today after doing laundry. But this way I can be sure to get a workout in.

The process of gobbling together clothes for a workout gave me a flashback to the incident on March 15, 2008, Specifically the following section of that story was pertinent:

- I show up at race wearing a mishmosh of athletic gear because in a wonder of stupidity, I left 80% of my athletic gear in the old dryer on the day it was being carted off as the new dryer was being installed! So today I just threw on my only shorts with the last 2 surviving underlayment and top. (Thank God my summer stuff was still in the drawer because I have not been using them). I am sure I made an intimidating appearance!

Needless to say I immediately started to do laundry as soon as I got back from the run.

BTW Coach Adam makes a guest starring appearance during that episode, so check it out.


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