Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My HR Zones

So recently I conducted a field test to calculate my HR Run Threshold test using a field test. Now to actually put that to use I need to work out the different zones. Here is a good method. My testing I came up LT @ 178. So based on that

Zone 1 = % Lactate Threshold: 65%-84% 115 - 150
Zone 2 = % Lactate Threshold: 85%-91% 151 - 161
Zone 3 = % Lactate Threshold: 92%-95% 162 - 169
Zone 4 = % Lactate Threshold: 96%-100% 170 - 178
Zone 5a = % Lactate Threshold: 100%-102% 179 - 181
Zone 5b = % Lactate Threshold: 103%-105% 183 - 187
Zone 5c = % Lactate Threshold: 106%+ 188 +

To be honest I never really track the difference between 5a- 5c its too minute. As such I always just use:

Zone 5 179+

Zone 5 is short interval work or Hill repeats, Its for anaerobic endurance.

The following section about the HR calculations was Cut and Pasted from Here. Aside from the term "lactate recycling" which thelatest research now shows that may not be the case and that Lactate may not be the "bad guy" after all but instead the opposite. The end result is still that at that level of effort our muscles sort of want to die, no matter the culprit. So it still counts! ANyhow it gives a good description of whatteh different zones mean and are used for.

Note: Heart Rate Zone values are based on running. For each zone, subtract 10 beats per minute for biking and 10-15 beats per minute for swimming.

Zone 1: Recovery
Also known as: Overdistance
Intensity: Very Low
% Lactate Threshold: 65%-84%
RPE Scale: 6-9

Used for: These are the easiest workouts, used to promote recovery after harder workouts. It is also generally the intensity level used during the recovery period of interval work and long slow distance (LSD) runs.

Zone 2: Endurance
Also known as: Extensive Endurance
Intensity: Moderate
% Lactate Threshold: 85%-91%
RPE Scale: 10-12

Used for: Used for long, endurance workouts and easy speed workout; builds and maintains aerobic endurance.

Zone 3: Lactate Threshold
Also known as: Intensive Endurance
Intensity: Moderate Plus
% Lactate Threshold: 92%-95%
RPE Scale: 13-14

Used for: Used for Tempo workouts, training in Zone 3 is usually done in the preparation and base phases. Generally, in the later phases you want to bump up to Zone 4.

Zone 4: VO2 Max Intervals
Also known as: Anaerobic Threshold, Race/Pace
Intensity: Race/Pace
% Lactate Threshold: 96%-100%
RPE Scale: 15-16

Used for: Intervals, hill work, and tempo work. Intervals in this zone generally have work-to-rest ratio of 3:1 or 4:1. Training at or slightly below your Lactate Threshold (a.k.a. Anaerobic Threshold) helps your body lean to "recycle" the lactic acid during high intensity work.

Zone 5a: Threshold Endurance
Also known as: Superthreshold
% Lactate Threshold: 100%-102%
RPE Scale: 17

Used for: Intervals, hill work, and tempo work; typically used after some Zone 4 time has already been done. Zone 5 workouts are very short because it is difficult to maintain this level for any length of time.

Zone 5b: Anaerobic Endurance
Also known as: Speed Endurance
% Lactate Threshold: 103%-105%
RPE Scale: 18-19

Used for: Intervals and hill work to improve anaerobic endurance. Intervals in this zone generally have work-to-rest ratio of 1:1, for example, a 20 second sprint followed by 20 seconds of easy recovery (Zone 1).
Zone 5c: Anaerobic Capacity
Also known as: Power
% Lactate Threshold: 106%+
RPE Scale: 20

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Awesome entry! I love to keep reading about this stuff! I like the "used for" section of the zones. I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT TRI COACHING CLASS!!! Rock on!