Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beer Goggle conversations

OK so I went out with a bunch on my fellow students for an evening and we drank Plenty! This is the conversation that ensued: WARNING!! THIS IS A Freakishly sometime racy conversation!

After about the many pitchers amongst us, which is probably a bad idea since athletes tend not to drink too heavily on a normal basis, One of the guys from Utah made mention he is Bi-sexual to the group. Don't ask how we got to this point but I assume it had something to do with the the other milder but strange conversation going on. He then said its not so weird because a great majority of men from Utah have some level of Gay tendency but due to the extremely conservative Mormon church it is hidden. OK So if I was in a stupor before this point I was starting to come out of it. Then he made a statement that studies show that most men and women show bisexual tendencies in preference but that they hide it. Women more so then men. Then the women piped up saying that could be so, then one of them said there would be limits tho because she would have no problem licking a woman's breast but could not kiss her on the lips..get this... because its too personal. (???)

big {GULP} followed by silence

OK so I am fully awake now. And could not help but ask for clarification. "Do You mean you would lick a womans breast like this ( demonstrate by licking my hand) or with some passionate GUSTO!?" I asked. Sorry folks I just HAD to KNOW! The repercussion of this is just too important! (OK maybe there really weren't SERIOUS repercussions but I just HAD to know!)

She replied she has never done it but she can say that she would have no problem licking good. I made sure to wipe my mouth in case any drool dripped out ( you know all teh beer!) although after this conversation I don't think it would have made a splash( pardon the pun) in anyones mind at that moment. NOTE Ladies this type drooling thing is just about automatic in any Homosexual male Republican or Democrat under the right conditions. Beer and a sudden erotic statement count as one of those conditions.

That conversation served as the highlight of the evening and we all said it was time to head home after that lol.

Thank God for Hotels at walking distance lol

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