Saturday, March 14, 2009

Avalanches can be dangerous!

It was disastrous! Not to me really but to my training! Once we came across this Avalanche I couldn't help myself! There were just too many opportunities to play!

Oh and dont think Christine (aka Holistic Guru) didn't get into the act!

Here she is being a foul mouthed Bostoner. "What da FAaaCK" Cursing the Avalanche that is impeding our hardcore training.

How can you tell she is from Boston? Take a good look at her Primo riding sox!

If those aren't Boston red Socks I don't know what else they could be!

Believe it or not we were actually here to sherpa for the Race with Purpose marathon team that is prepping for Boston. Thats right we have a whole Team that qualified. This years 30% of the RwP marathon crew qualified. Here is Why because they let NOTHING get in their way!

During this time we did manage to disperse a water or two lol


Anonymous said...

that's hilarious with the faux accident pics. :)

HolisticGuru said...

Nice post Javier!

Jamie said...

You guys need to practice some cyclocross skills. Huck that bike over your shoulder and run over it!

The Tri Runner said...

Those pics are awesome.

I wonder how much stuff I miss out on when I’m on the bike because I’m too focused on my workout. Very cool!