Friday, March 27, 2009

Tri Coach training Day 1

Well day one was Brilliant. If you like, scratch that, Love triathlon you should do this course just to get more information that you can use yourself. More notes to come later but here are some highlights! (Note: the instructors are awesome they are the TEAM USA coaches and they coach the folks like Sarah Haskins, and such) What I felt really good about is that allot of my philosophy that I have picked up over the years seems to match quite well. I have been doing the right things so far for my athletes. This is Great news! But I have already learned some other things of what to do and what NOT to do that are really of great help.

Friday, March 27

8:30- 9:00am Introduction to USAT Coaching Certification Program 9:15-10:45am Triathlon Nutritional Strategies

KEY! Nutrition needs to be tied to training phases. We all know this but this was a real good emphasis. And they demonstrate why.

11:00-12:30pm Exercise Physiology

Note: Sports and Triathlon specifically is getting far too tied up with technology. Focus on the basics FIRST then worry about aero-wheels. Far too many athletes use these as crutches and fail to focus where they need too.

12:30-1:45pm Lunch

1:45-3:15pm Periodization and Planning

BASE BASE BASE At some point in the year ALL athletes need to have a block of base training. All pro's do this without it, the body is not being trained properly. But also when going slow go really slow, when going hard, go really HARD. Make the workouts count.

Along these lines there is specificity. meaning if you are running, then run. No stopping to interrupt and do anything else. Your workouts have to have a goal. Pushups in the middle of the run disrupts those goals. That energy you have should be used for having a quality run workout, not spent to do strenth training.

3:30-5:00pm Triathlon Specific Strength Training

Not what you would think, Its more about functional strength training and not Weights. New phrase Neuro Muscular Adaption training. You OpIron and RwP Triathletes Folks, keep your eyes on your training plans :)

You can stop the static stretches. Dynamic stretching is beter and safer.


Jamie said...

Cool beans. Can't wait to check out what other cool info you pick up this weekend. Enjoy the weather. ;-)

Kona Shelley said...

Very good stuff. It's so cool to see someone take the initiative to become a REAL coach..:-)

Anonymous said...

Really appreciate you sharing this. Excellent info.