Wednesday, June 18, 2008

100 Pushups

OJ as part of my core strength training I have decided to take up the 100 Pushup challenge

its basically a 6 week training program designed to get you to complete 100 pushups straight. Pushups are a great all around exercise. Build upper body strength and helps strengthen the Core.


Justin George said...

After that, try the 100 pullups challenge. I promise you'll be a Hercules afterwards.

Anonymous said...

Whats with my athletes? PJ does push ups daily too. am I not giving you enough? I swear next week you are gonna see a 200 mile RUN!

all kidding aside a little x-training is good for you.


PJ said...

Go pushups!

I think John should be giving us some form of extra credit, don't you?

Javier said...

I agree, but unfortunatly I think the extra credit will come by more miles on our workouts ;)