Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Back in the states

Well back home and I am taking to day off to spend some time home and get things in order. Much to do around the house.

But also allot of training to do to catch up. The Tupper Lake Half is just two weeks away, and the IM Wisconsin is 80 days off.....80 days...

Holy Crap!

Anyhow my training has been disrupted with all of the travel that I have had and will have coming up in the two most important months of my training. So I am not expecting a grand race. But me and my coach have worked out a "Kill yourself when you can" type of approach where I will just have some serious super long weekend days when I am around. along with good training when I have control of my schedule.

So today I am back on the training wagon and started off with a nice 1 hour ride, did a time trial. Followed by a 1 hour run.

Had to come back due to an appointment withg a photographer for the journal news. Who wants to capture shots of me and SImba training and such, This fame thing is just getting out of control! ;)

Anyways I want to just shou out to my peeps at the JCC/RWP tri team who this past weekend completed their FIRST triathlon!! All of them beginners and all of them finished! despite some real adversity, like one of them had an asthma like attack in the middle of the swim, but instead of ditching he rolled over floated to let it pass and resumed, suffered the whole race through and finished. Later on he went to a doctor and all is well now. But thats composure under adversity! They all did great!
I am real proud of having taken part in coaching them. Looking forward to seeing more from them.

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