Thursday, June 26, 2008

Nutrition delivery!

Well just in time I received my shipment of Carbo Pro and Accelerade. I was just plain out of nutrition for the coming Tupper Lake half. I have never used carbo Pro before but many of the IM folks I know seem to live by it during their long races so I decided its a tested formula.

Today I used it for the first time. It passed my own test, I did not vomit. I realize these are pretty low standards for nutrition. Can you imagine this as a restaurant review " well the ambiance was romantic, the food delicious and more importantly the clientèle appeared not to be vomiting"

But the truth is stomachs act pretty weird during these endurance events and sometimes taking in too much of anything can result .... well... in Vomit. In fact last years Tupper lake race with my teammates was a veritable Vomitorium on wheels, so to speak. One of the dangers of sharing a house with a bunch of athletes is that race morning is like a chem lab in the kitchen with dozens of different powders and formulas flying around. You can almost see a cloud of energy powder forming above everyones heads.

Anyhow, a number of folks decided to try each others formulas ( Golden rule- try nothing new on race day). Well a few ended up swimming through their vomit, others pulled over to vomit on the bike, and some just well chose not to Vomit from their mouths but instead Vomited from the other end ;)

If you don't believe me here is my Race report that I had posted on the race with purpose site last year:

Great race everyone!

Despite a number of obstacles such as multiple cases of Vomit in just
about every leg of the race, Leg cramps, stomach cramps, trips into the
woods, over-hydration and under-hydration... we all managed to finish
the race.

It was lots of fun, and Congrats to all.

So as you can imagine I was happy to see that it seems I was able to handle the Carbo Pro pretty well.

Now the lemonade flavored Accelerade--Yuck! But it will have to do for now.


Philip LaVoie said...

ya always seem to find out the dirt on the housing 'from last year' just before you're heading to it this year ;-)

cya soon for the trip up bud... should be a lot of fun this weekend!

Classy Guru said...

Water. Drink it.

"All the legs in my muscles are cramping!"


PJ said...

That's the most I've ever seen vomit used in a single post - especially a post written around the fact that the writer didn't vomit. :)

Javier said...

PJ as you can see I hang out with a team of people with weak stomachs