Sunday, June 8, 2008

Riding Cerro San Cristobal

Today I made a major discovery, at least for me that is. I was planning on doing a long run, with maybe an hour of cycling thrown in. The bike I rented yesterday was just a piece of crap. and I really did not look forward to riding that thing again. After all when coming down a long downhill its good to have decent brakes, yesterdays bike ( which as the guy who rented it told me ) was actually the best bike they had, and its brakes were of the Fred Flinstone types, you need to help out with your feet on the ground :)

But in reality I was really hoping to be able to ride, so I knew the concierge had no suggestions since I had asked, so I went back to the internet. Searched for Bike rentals in Santiago and got nothing. Then it occurred to me, to try the search in Spanish. I entered "rentar bicicletas en Santiago Chile" And suddenly a whole world openned up! There were several listings but not all were exactly what I was looking for. But one did have what I needed, La Bicicleta Verde (www.

They specialize it seems in running tours on bikes, using what appears to be green colored "comfort" bikes. I was not really interested in that. But I saw they also rent bikes. I called them up and spoke to Peter, who hooked me up with a sweet hybrid (Trek 7100).

Better yet, they deliver! He brought the bike over to the hotel I was at for a pretty fair fee, and the company provides all the necessities like a bag, bike gloves, spare tire and tools etc. I was stuck using push pedals again, becaiuse they do not have cages avaliable but he told me in the future if I bring my own pedals they would switch out the pedals for me. SWEET!

So off I went for 4 hours, I kicked my ass doing Hill repeats on the Cerro San Cristobal, I went up the 5K hill 3 times and then I took a short tour of the city.

Now for pictures I have the usual cheesy tourist Photo of me looking like a "civilian" without my name brand bike jersey, uncoordinated bike outfit and even with an UNBUCKLED HELMET! jeeze! :

But you may also want to see the ACTION VIDEO of part of my Descent! Yes you get it all here!!

Sorry for the shaky vid, but I was trying to balance my camera on the bike handlebars, and also steering the turns with one hand. But anyhow the views you see here are ten time better than you see in teh video. But it was great.

This also helps me out in the future in that I may have to come back to Chile before My IM. So now I know I CAN get a bike workoutr in while I am here.


la bicicleta verde said...

Thanks for the write-up! Hope you make it back again and I will take you on the back trails.


Strouter said...

So cool, Javier!! Looks like you're having a great adventure both in terms of travel and setting a good example for the rest of us about being able to train through some challenging situations. Enjoy!!!

Philip LaVoie said...

nice dood... way to get creative on the training! yer living up to your site's statement: TACKLE THE IRONMAN CHALLENGE WHILE DEALING WITH LIFE!
keep it up bud!

Javier said...

Thanks everyone, hard things are more fun to do when you can have some fun. The Vid was interesting to do, it sounds like a roller coaster but that is the wind.

Philip LaVoie said...

i blv u were traveling so fast on the descent that you wet back in time.

Now on another note, i was at the pool tonight and ran into mike... he threw DOWN at ridgefield (check the stats linked on evan's page) and i told him about ya maybe pullin' out a few weeks back. He's still on for IMLP and said "Jav's gotta do IMOO!" so stick in there bud, we'll save ya a lane for when you get back ;-) and keep up them hills so that you can drop us on that ride you are hosting on the 22nd!

later gator... keep on postin'!

Pam said...

Wow, that is impressive. Talk about not letting anything stop you. That's awesome.