Monday, June 2, 2008


Ok so here I am in Santiago de Chile. Nice town. I will actually have the time this coming weekend to get to see it. It has a very european feel to it, and it is in fact growing.

I am staying at the Radisson Plaza Santiago, which is a great Hotel. Good service, amicable and very helpful staff.

I arrived in Chile this morning and pretty much today was spend dealing with stuff from the office back home and getting settled in. The hotel has a nice state of the art gym. Its small but it has some very neat treadmills that I have not seen before. No stationary bikes but some neat weight and strength equiptment. It also has a pool. Small but large enough to tie up using my swim chord and do some time workouts there. Though I keep those limited because I have not done it enough to figure out if its affecting my swim mechanics.

Anyhow this week it is my intent to run 50 miles. So it will be a great opportunity to explore the city by foot. More to come.

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