Thursday, March 27, 2008

There is a New addition to the Family!

I haven't really come up with a name for her yet...need to see what her personality is like, you know?

But right now I am leaning towards, Whip ( short for Whiplash) or Whup ( short for Whupass).

It doesn't matter, I love her already! Isn't she beautiful!!

Too bad it was already getting dark when I took these pictures. But there she is my Brand spanking new P2C. Soo much lighter than the Giant OCR3 I have been riding for the past years.

I of course had to give er a ride even if I only had time for a quick 5 miles. It was sweet! There are some adjustments to make to how I ride though. I am not used to Bar end shifters. But overall it was Awsome!

There is one downside to all of there is no excuse, If I don't go fast...its me.


Philip LaVoie said...

Beautiful rig dude. I think that I'll be away this weekend, but can't wait to see it in action. Enjoy it and have many safe miles.

Strouter said...

Congratulations on your new baby!! Can't wait to hear what name you land on. Many happy, safe, and fast miles ahead for you. Woohoo!!

Javier said...

Thank You all. Now if we could settle on a nice day I will be most happy to go for a ride.

Jamie said...

That is a pretty sick new ride! I'm Jealous!! Hopefully it makes you a lot faster, so you don't have any more excuses. :-)

I can't wait till I can publish a similar post. Maybe my "cervelo fund" will be big enough by then. :-)

Ironrav said...

That is one sweet ride! We don't have that colour combo here in the UK. Rav is seething with jealousy. Ride strong!

Pam said...